Students of Public Health conducted an awareness program on adverse effects of polythene

An awareness program on adverse effects of polythene was conducted by the students of public health of Northern University Bangladesh on 5th April, 2019.

Students and faculty members spontaneously joined the rally in the kawranbazar market. Common traders and labourers took the message spontaneously and understood the deep adverse impact of polythene use on soil, in water and air as well. Students distributed few environment friendly bags.

Such efforts are required to be taken by all corners of the society.

Department of Public Health of NUB arranged a Rally on "PATIENT SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK"

Department of Public Health of Northern University Bangladesharranged a Rally on "PATIENT SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK (MARCH 10-16, 2019)" with the theme "Improving Safety in the Ambulatory Setting" at city campus on Friday 15th March, 2019. A bunch of students of the department with faculty members along with head attended the Rally to aware the society about patient safety.



'PUBHEAL’ Newsletter Published by Department of Public Health, NUB.

Publication of ‘PUBHEAL’ Newsletter is an innovative approach of educational assignment in the MPH Program for the first time in Bangladesh through the Department of Public Health, NUB.

The Newsletter launched under the presence of Honorable Chairman, NUB Trust, Prof. Dr. Abu Yusuf Md. Abdullah and Vice-Chancellor of NUB, Prof. Dr. Anwar Hossain. This Newsletter will publish hopefully in every semester under the Department of Public Health with the assistance of Editor, Bilkis Banu, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health along with Chief Editor, Prof. Dr. (Lt Col) Sarder Mahmud Hossain, PhD, Head, Department of Public Health.





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