Seminar and Workshop

A seminar on “Global Health Research on NCDs: A Cambridge Prospective”

Seminar on World mental health day 2019

Seminar on “Oral and dental care”

National conference on Environmental Health and Climate Change, 2019

Work shop on booklet on safeguard of eyes while using electronic device (2019)

Title of conducted Webinars

  1. COVID-19: Current Situation, Prospects and Probabilities.
  2. Prevention of COVID-19 through Lifestyle Modifications: Evidence vs. Reality
  3. Care of Mother and Child during COVID-19: The Known and the Unknown
  4. University-based Lecture Program on Tobacco Control
  5. Oral Care and Preventive Measures; Overseas and Home Perspective In Current Pandemic Situation.
  6. Supporting Child’s Mental Health during COVID-19 Pandemic and afterwards.
  7. COVID-19 and Flood; the Risk to Health (26.8.2020)

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