Program Objectives

  1. Prepare students to contribute to the health of the community through disease prevention, amelioration and health promotional activities.
  2. Prepare students to develop specialization skills in one or more public health areas including:
    • Developing working knowledge of the principles and methods of epidemiologic investigation to effectively identify and track threats to public health as well as strategies to enhance community health.
    • Implementing cutting edge community health education and intervention programs.
    • Developing public health policies, evaluating its impact on community health, and acquiring leadership skills in public health administration.
    • Developing and using appropriate statistical methods to effectively evaluate public health threats and/or strategies to enhance the health of the community.
    • Conducting risk assessments threatening the health of specific communities.
    • Developing skill personnel for effective hospital administration & management to provide curative, preventive & rehabilitation services to the clients & its environment.
  3. Provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning, which can be incorporated into disease prevention/amelioration and health promotion activities.

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