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Celebration of ‘World Diabetic Day’ 2018 by the Department of Public Health, NUB

Celebration of ‘World Diabetic Day’ 2018 by the Department of Public Health, NUB


A seminar followed by human chain was conducted as a part of the course ‘Environmental Health’ under the supervision of Dr. Ulfat Ara to create awareness among people about environmental pollution by the MPH students of Northern University Bangladesh. Head of the department, Prof. Dr. Sarder Mahmud Hossain also attended the program to encourage the participants.

A little of your contribution to the preserve it as a nature’s gift, can make a big difference to the earth as our home. Let us avoid use of plastic, preserve wild life, planning trees every year, saving sea lives, getting careful for disposal of waste.


Environmental Awareness Program

A rally on Environmental Health awareness program was conducted on 5th April, 2019 by the students of Dept. of Public Health, NUB under the supervision of Dr. Ulfat Ara, course teacher. Head of the department and other faculties were also present in the program. The rally toured the KawranbazarMarket Place. The team spoke to different traders, shopkeepers and general people about the adverse effects of polythene uses. They also shared the knowledge of alternatives of polythene and its benefits for the environment. A little initiative of us can make the world a better place to live in.



Food safety awareness

A pictorial and colorful booklet entitled ‘Nirapod Khabar-Shushtho Jibon’ was designed and developed by the students of Public Health with subject ‘Public Health Nutrition’. The course teacher Bilkis Banu, Assistant Professor supervised them throughout. The booklet was distributed among the available faculty members and students of Banani Campus, NUB on 26 April 2019 to bring long term benefits for their families and society on food safety. The booklet was themed on ‘Ensure safe food in every stage: from purchase to kitchen and storage’.


“Awareness on Patient Safety”

Department of Public Health arranged a Rally with the theme ‘Improving Safety in the Ambulatory Setting’ in the city campus on Friday 15th March, 2019. A group of students of the department with faculty members along with head attended the ‘Rally’ to aware the society about patients’ safety.


‘Extra-curricular activities for the children instead of playing games on mobile phone’-A Health Promotion Approach

Department of Public Health, NUB organized a health education program among school students and view exchanging meeting among teachers of Scholars’ School and College, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 25 April 2019 (Thursday). MPH students of the course ‘Health Education and Health Promotion’ conducted the program under the guidance of the course teacher Bilkis Banu, PhD Scholar, Heidelberg University, Germany and Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, NUB. Dr. (Lt Col) Sarder Mahmud Hossain, PhD, Professor & Head and other faculty members were also present in the program. MPH students developed and distributed a pictorial and colorful booklet entitled ‘Shishuder Mobile Ashokti Protirodhe shrijonshil kormokando’ as an educational material to benefit the children and to attract attention of parents and teachers. As children imitate the parents mostly and the people around, awareness of the parents and caregivers on this important issue is very essential.

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